Friday, March 23, 2018

Saudi women!!!

WOW, hey guys!  It’s been sooooo long since I’ve posted!  Sorry I haven’t updated you all lately!
I just wanted to post some very interesting things that I’ve been studying lately!  In my CWP/Civics class I was writing a very persuasive artical w/ a good buddy Ryan about SAUDI WOMEN and their rights.  I just wanted to respond to some faithful readers of mine out there and talk about my GREAT passion for these ladies of the Middle East.
So to start, one reason I love the Saudi women is because they are so rebellious.  Recently, to protest their rights,  they began to drive CARS.  Until just recently, and even still a lot, this is very looked down on in their society today.  (Photo at bottom 😁)
Another very interesting thing I LOVE about the ladies is their love for SWIMMING!  The women are to always be wearing their full gown from head to toe (this way the men are not seduced by their looks).  The can be very hot, especially since the gowns are ALL black.  So naturally you can imagine how HOT they get in the summer! Sooooo hot.  Because of this they LOVE swimming. (Photo at bottom 😊)
The last and final interesting fact I will talk about is just how the ladies are acting out in general,  recently the women have been doing wild and out of the box things to protest their rights and to get at the men in their society.  Below I have an example of just how crazy they can be whilst rebelling!

Anyway, thanks for reading!
Peace, GDOG

Saudi women doing WILD things:

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hey I am back :)

Hey guys I'm back!  I want to take this time to thank all of my readers out there from around the country (and maybe the globe 😱).
Thank you for reading this blog and giving me so many positive comments!  I know how much everyone loves my blog and recently it has become a huge hit around the school (Stanwood High) and I am soooooooooo happy about that.  Thank you all for taking such an interest into my life and my humor 😜😜
Thank you all for the love and support.  It has given me a real confidence boost over this past 5 months of starting to write again and I thank you all for that.
I hope to be able to continue to supply you all with interesting reads and exciting posts!  Though it all depends on what happens in my life lol.

GDog out,
Peace ✌

P.s. I have also included google translate now instead of the fish tank (which broke) so that my readers of foreignality can read in their language :)

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Updates since 2012

Wow I'm so sorry I haven't updated you guys lately.  I feel so bad.  So much has happened since 2012 and I don't know if I'll be able to share all of it!  One things for sure, my spelling has improved a lot since  then. :)  I am now 17 years old and a senior! Wow!  In 2013 my family moved from Little Rock Arkansas to Stanwood Washington!  SO far! My dad started his own business called SimpleBox.  He Sells and rents big steel storage containers!  I started going to real school at Stanwood high school my sophomore year and I LOVE it! I have a girlfriend and her name is Megan and she's pretty cool.   I have a job at a local grocery store called QFC and I am a courtesy clerk.  I bag groceries, help customers out to their cars, get carts from outside, clean up messes, take out trash, clean bathrooms, and lots of other little things im asked to do.  The job is fine and the people there are all great for the most part. I am going to graduate in 2017 and I hope to start my associates degree in welding at Bellingham Techincal School in Bellingham Washington and I hope to become a welder because I really enjoy welding!

Well that's a very brief overview of what's happened in my life since 2012!
Peace, GDog

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Here are some updates in my life... I started playing guitar in January and I would have to say I'm doing pretty good! I can play most song you would give to me(got to be chords). Hoping to play in youth soon! I will be 13 on April 4th! So I will an official Teen and I will be getting a Facebook sometime that day. So hit me on April 4th some time that day! Also, Grant and I have been mowing grass for money. And we have 2 yards so far hoping to get more over the summer.

Sorry I haven't posted in a wile,

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On are whey Home. =(

we are on are whey home from Ohio sadly. we did not come out with a new movie but we are going to make a movie of what we did when we where in Ohio.  So that should be out soon on my channel Grant’s youtube channel and maybe Zach’s (link below).  I may also post some pics to. so be watching for the pics to!  we couldn’t realy make a movie because it rained most of the time we where there and the day that were sunny where the last 4 days.  so we wonted to do something different  so we worked  on a song (All because of Jesus) and I think Grant got some pics so I might post those to.  That pretty much it.  see ya later,


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wazup in the life of GDog!!!

Well this is wazup in the life of the GDog!!! in 10 day's me and my family will be on are way to Ohio!!! On the way there I will be posting video's on youtube on this channel. so go check it out! >< we are going to make two or more movie's when we are there in Ohio. One is going to be called "Mexican Terror" written by Grant Brutsell and Zach Brutsell ( you will see "Brutsell" as Grant and Zach's last name that's because that is the last name that Zach came up with when we are at there house or there at our house). And I don't know at this time what the other movie will be called but we will be talking over ooVoo soon. So I will be updating you when I have more info on the movie's. So keep watching for a new post!

Until next time "Stay Snazzy"

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The AWESOMEST DOWN HILL STUNT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the video.  Hope you like.